Camera Lucida — Rose

In response to this week’s Camera Lucida theme — Rose.

Being in a tropical country it’s hard to find roses in gardens and lawns.
To look for rose plantation, you may have to travel to the highlands as the weather is cool and roses thrive there.

As I rummaged through my photo albums, surprisingly I found an old photo of roses.
My mom got these roses and I placed them into a small vase.
These roses reminded me the younger days of sweet memories.


Camera Lucida is a weekly photo challenge hosted by Julia every Wednesday on her blog MyRedPage.


9 thoughts on “Camera Lucida — Rose

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  2. Beautiful little piece. Today I begin pruning our roses … all 74 bushes! Oh dear, the joy of having roses! It made me have a bit of a giggle when I saw your post today. Beautiful post 🙂

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