Blogging 101 : Increase Your Commenting Confidence

Today’s task is: Read six posts written in response to the same prompt, and leave comments on at least two of them.

For yesterday’s assignment I did not use the daily writing prompt, the prompt I used was taken from the eBook: 365 Writing Prompts.

However I’m going through the grid and check out how other bloggers interpret the prompt “Brilliant Disguise”, and leave my 2 cents. 😛

(After an hour probably)

Ok done! I’m really amazed at how a prompt can spark so many different interpretations!


Some prompts are kind of hard to answer or relate to aren’t they? At least they are for me 😦

Yet interesting though…

2 thoughts on “Blogging 101 : Increase Your Commenting Confidence

    • I noticed the same thing too recently. Many new bloggers asked people to visit their blogs but they forgot to return the favour :/
      I guess we may have to be less subtle in the future and leave our blog link at the comment so they could visit our blogs too.


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