BookFest @ Malaysia 2015

Yesterday we made a trip to BookFest 2015. Although Sunday was the last day, huge crowd still thronged the convention center.


At the entrance

Upon entrance there was a registration booth situated in the middle. Once registered for a Popular online account, you will get a free RM8 book voucher, plus a chance to play the roulette.

The roulette got us some stationery and a mystery gift which contained several food vouchers, like Kenny Rogers, Pancake House, Chicken Rice Shop, Relish & Dubu Yo.

We took a red trolley and started off at the Chinese pavilion with book publishers from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.


Chinese pavilion

All the books were on 20% discount except for promotional and special tagged items which are usually great bargains. Needless to say we stashed our trolley full. ^^’

Upon exiting the Chinese books department we had to pay at the cashier.

Then we were off to the English pavilion. We took a second trolley and soon it was full too!


English pavilion

After browsing here we walked to the Edu-Leisure pavilion in Hall 6.


Edu-Leisure pavilion

Here you can find stationery, gadgets, education books and tidbits. We stocked up some stationery and moved to cashier lane to checkout.


Cashier lanes

Many cashier lanes were opened thus waiting time is minimal when we paid for our items.

To share my experience from many years of attending this event, the English books are a steal because the discounted price is way cheaper than Chinese books. Imagine hardcover books which normally sell for RM80~90 sold in RM10~20, which is more than 80% discount! As for Chinese books the discount are not that much, which averaged at 20%.

Tomorrow I shall post my “Catch of the day”. 😀

7 thoughts on “BookFest @ Malaysia 2015

    • That’s RM230+ here! 😮 but it’s worth it if you love that book!
      Usually the books on sales here are mainly fiction, business, self-enrichment and educational etc. Moving out of these genres if you buy technical books, architectures, art, these books are rarely discounted and have to be purchased on full price.


      • ah, fair enough. Well this book is a big chunky academic piece on portrayal of history in Chinese museums (nerdy as can be, I know!) – but aside from that, I ended up spending 40 pounds (or money I don’t really have…) on a couple of other books today. What I would do for cheap books!


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