Blogging 101 : Get Inspired By the Neighbors

I was just reading Anushka’s post yesterday and told her I was inspired by her work, and guess what?
Today’s assignment is: Write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!
So I’m going to write a short fiction inspired by her post crossed with a chanced meet.
This is a simple one as I think my writing inkwell is hit by a dry spell 😦

Beautiful Encounter

It was time of the year again.
Successful launch of the annual modernization project brought in the projected revenue growth for the company. Our huge team was in for a celebration when the CEO applauded this, a project well coordinated with smooth operation.


“You would not miss it this time, would you?” a marketing colleague peered over her coffee cup in the pantry.
“No, I won’t this time” I continued putting sugar in my tea. I missed the dinner last year, caught in a bad flu due to sleepless hours rushing for the deadline. “On your side, who else is going?”
“The usual, my boss and teammates. Oh, and the interns got to attend too. Seems like our big boss is very happy about the quarterly returns and extended the invite to everyone else.”
“Nice to hear that.”
By end of the week, our calendars are blocked by the PA for a dinner downtown.


“Come on, close your laptop! We’re gonna be late for the dinner!” Jess, fully packed up and waiting impatiently next to me.
“Okay, okay, let me send out this last email.”


The dinner at hotel grand ballroom was attended by people from my company and our business partners. Groups of people mingled around the cocktail bar and everyone was comfortably chatting in their own cliques.
Jess and I took our food and sat down at a table near the balcony. We were joined by two business partners.

“Hey girls, how are you? Let me introduce you to Leslie, our new technical lead for Network team.” Max, a middle aged man patted the shoulder of a young guy standing tall next to him.
“Hello Max, and hi Leslie, nice to meet you.” answered Jess and gestured them to settle down.

My eyes are fixated on the young guy and I only managed to squeezed out a “Hi!”

Leslie sat next to me. Somehow I blushed at his close presence. The food that went into my mouth felt tasteless.

I turned my head for a brief second to take a closer look at him. I seemed to be in a fall out between reality and dream. Could a guy with such perfect looks exist in reality? His clear dark brows perched over a pair of almond eyes that could convey a thousand messages, framed by the angular shape of his face which was completed by a sharp nose that I was so tempted to touch.

What happened next blurred into fragments of memories. Me being flustered at start, began to warm up as we progressed into little talks. Jess and Max were out of focus and my attention was only at Leslie. He was the perfect guy of my dreams, sigh. If only I could freeze time and held the snapshot eternally.

As night slipped away, the dinner was drawing to a close. Jess and I said goodbye to both of them. I looked at Leslie who was like the archangel that has to return to heaven. We both waved and smiled at each other.


This was our first and last encounter.
Our serendipity is more beautiful left in memories.


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