Blogging 101 : Be a Good Neighbor

Day #8 assignment: Leave comments on at least four blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

So today I’m gonna knock on some doors of neighbours who I have not acquainted before.

Sunny day smiling sun, carrying my blue parasol…

First knock~

The Book Bard
Never miss a blog about cats! Helped in suggesting name for Caitlin’s new kitten.

Second knock~

A Dark World Inside
Anushka’s writing actually inspires me to want to write my very own experience!

Third knock~

A Regular Joe
Funny list of “Don’t Dos” based on today’s DP writing prompt.

Fourth knock~

20 something exploring
Visiting fellow coursemate in Blogging U.

Such a beautiful day to meet new neighbours, with a happy mind I stroll back to my little cottage.