No Room for You

Mercury, Venus and Earth gathered. Earth asked the two of them “Have you heard the news?”

Venus replied “What news?”

Earth lowered his voice “The news about our 9th brother.”

Mercury puzzled “No, not that we heard of, what about?”

Earth spilled “He has been disowned and is no longer part of our family.”

Gasped both Mercury and Venus.


Three sisters Mars, Uranus and Neptune, crying silently.

“I hate this family!” Pluto glowered.

Saturn emphasized “Orders are to be obeyed.”

Jupiter solemnly “Last goodbye from our ring.”

“You will regret this decision and one day I shall have my revenge!” Pluto threw his last words and tromped away.

Never looked back.

This short writing is dedicated to Pluto which was once our 9th planet in the solar system, in response to Stellar and Lunar Challenge Roundup #8 (July 9) themed Spite.

Watch the Pluto flyby here as New Horizons spacecraft passes by the mysterious Pluto today.

Stellar and Lunar Challenge is hosted by Sarah once a week every Thursday on her blog tuckedintoacorner.

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