Musical Inspiration — My Latest

Music is heartbeat.
Sun up, night falls, my fixed playlist comes to life.

Note : What I’m about to show you is laden with videos, please continue on if your internet is able to support 🙂

Yasutaka Nakata – Songwriter

I’m recently highly inspired by Yasutaka Nakata, the insanely talented Japanese songwriter, music producer and DJ. His genre is electronica, house, techno and his style is very prominent and distinguished.

He has his own group CAPSULE and producer to the famous J-Pop girl group Perfume. Can you imagine all tracks are composed, arranged and produced by himself! He also composed the OST for Liar Game drama series adapted from manga. I’ve watched season 1 before and the drama is fantastic with his intense music as soundtrack.

His songs has the most awesome techno riffs I’ve ever heard.

You must, must, must listen to these fantastic tracks.

Trust me it’ll brighten up your day and you’ll not regret!

 Magic of Love by Perfume

By drawing out a sweet romance and our love
I’ll make you my captive
Magic of love — if I could ever use a magic like that
Would it make your heart race ?

*I’m so addicted to this song at this moment ❤

 Spring of Life by Perfume

Although my schedule is completely filled
Not a bit of my memory have been fulfilled
Though I rely on me myself and I
So I just can’t help but wait for some kind of surprise
Yeah, Spring of Life Let us fall into a love bursting with excitement
Spring girl Speed up
Dance for Joy to an exciting rhythm
My heart feels like dancing to the point where it is starting to shake

 Liar Game Theme Soundtrack

*The opening track for the drama, very dramatic and brilliantly composed.

 Starry Sky by CAPSULE

*A track I dreamed of from his own group

Magic of Love English lyrics is an excerpt & credited to Nautiljon
Spring of Life English lyrics is an excerpt & credited to Suishohana

This is part of my Blogging101 assignment for Day 4, to try something new today by embedding videos.


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