Wishing on the Moon

The Immortal Chang’e

Xi closed her eyes and gently rubbed the ancient ring on her left index finger.

As she drew a long breath, a strange sensation took over. She felt that she was falling deeper and deeper…

Suddenly all motion came to halt. When she opened her eyes, a magnificent landscape presented before her. Endless grey lands covered with uneven hills connected on the horizon to the darkest dark space, embellished with hundreds of silver stars.

She released her breath and breathed in again thinking “I can still breathe in this void space.”

When she turned around, an unbelievable sight stunned her. There stood the ever grandeur Moon Palace, the residence of Immortal Chang’e. With heavy hopes on her shoulder, she took a step out with her right foot and floated her way to the grand entrance. The huge doors arched, changing hues of silver and pink it was decorated with sophisticated carvings. Sparkling jewels reflected lights from the galaxy.

As she lifted her right hand trying to grasp the door knocker, it opened by itself. Soaking in at the sight, she felt that she was transported back in time to the ancient palace courts. Majestic columns, intricate statues of legendary beasts lined up on both sides. The corridor seemed like an endless path to the throne at the end. Xi trod effortlessly passing by the sculptures.

Nearing the throne, the Immortal Chang’e sat graciously with a white jade rabbit next to her. Such beauty with porcelain skin on a pointed face, her dark eyes pierced through Xi’s thoughts with clairvoyance. She exuded an aura of royalty yet serenity rested upon her.

“Dear child, I foresee your wishes yet you must speak out for me to grant it to you.” Chang’e singed as Xi bowed in front of her.

“Your highness…” Xi hesitated “Will you grant me a wish? A wish that I yearn most?”

“Yes, a wish from your heart. Tell me and you shall see it come true.”

“I… I wish for my daddy to return home, safe and pink in health, that’s all… all I ever wished for.” Tears streaked down Xi’s face as she made her wish.

Chang’e placed her left hand on the rabbit and waved her right hand “Your wish shall be bestowed upon you.”

Just then a soft light blinded Xi and she felt herself falling again, like plunging into a time tunnel everything blurred.


The morning sunlight cast a strong shine over Xi’s face. She lifted her head up from the study table to a familiar room, her bedroom.

The ancient ring still on her finger, she looked around gaining consciousness.

Did her wish come true? Did she meet Chang’e in the Moon Palace? The memories were vivid yet it seemed distant.

As she pondered, a rumbling noise came from outside the window. A rustling car engine can be heard coming closer on the porch. She recognized this sound immediately, it was her daddy’s old car!


“Daddy is coming home!!”

Chang’e (嫦娥) is the goddess of the Moon in Chinese mythology. She drank the elixir of life which grants immortality and floated to reside on the Moon.

More info about the Immortal Chang’e here.

This is my first attempt at a short story inspired by the Immortality theme in response to Stellar and Lunar Roundup #7 (July 2). I truly appreciate if there is any feedback on grammar mistakes or ways to improve my short story! 😀

Stellar and Lunar Challenge is hosted by Sarah once a week every Thursday on her blog tuckedintoacorner.

7 thoughts on “Wishing on the Moon

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  2. Lovely! I love how you weave a story from myth, and that I couldn’t immediately tell what the story was about – that made the unfolding story all the more beautiful.

    This is a gorgeous interpretation of the challenge; thank you for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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