Blogging 101 : Blog Title and Tagline

Today’s assignment is: edit your title and tagline.

Blog title defines who we are.

I guess for now my blog title and tagline shall remain unchanged, however here’s how it originated.

As a cat loving person, I have a soft spot for calico cats, I think their colourful fur is special.

Since I’m starting a blog without much idea for a title, suddenly it struck me to relate my love for cats as an inspiration and also to express my “catself” (because my hubby said sometimes I behave like a cat haha~)

Initially I started off by registering 小花貓筆記 (read as xiǎo huā māo bǐ jì) as my URL in WordPress. Xiao hua mao bi ji is actually Little Calico’s Journal in Chinese.

But I thought since using English title would benefit in terms of discovery and blog search I made the decision to use the English version as my blog title, and Chinese version as a tagline as I intend to blog in Chinese too! 🙂