Food Review: Shūkaku Shabu Shabu House (Klang)


The banner pretty sums up the current buffet price

Where would be the best place to eat during long weekend? For me I would choose to go for the irresistible all you can eat shabu-shabu buffet to wind down and enjoy a relaxed dinner.


A look at the interior

Originated from Japan shabu shabu is the Japanese version of hot pot consists of thinly sliced meat and vegetables served with dipping sauces. Most of the shabu-shabu restaurant that I’ve visited provides individual induction cooker pots for each customer, this one included. It is safe, hygienic and you can cook up your own pot of goodness.

Shūkaku Shabu-Shabu House is a fairly new outlet located in Bukit Tinggi 2 Klang, an area with plenty of steamboat restaurants.

The interior is brightly lit with yellow walls, clean and conveyor belt runs along each table convenient for patrons to select any dish that they desire.


Signature clear soup for me & Tom yum soup for hubby

You can choose from Shūkaku signature clear soup, herbal soup, Tom Yum soup and Szechuan spicy soup.

The clear soup tastes just nice when served. I added in a stalk of corn to sweeten the taste. As for the Tom yum soup it is not too sour and not as spiced up though. I noticed there are not many soup ingredients on the belt to perk up the soup flavour such as carrots and onions.

Dishes on the conveyor belt are categorized into:

  • Fresh seafood
  • Vegetables
  • Mushrooms
  • Assorted fishballs & meatballs
  • Noodles

Chicken slices (top) and pork slices (bottom)

As for the meat slices you will have to order with the waiter/waitress.

Never forget to help yourself to a variety of condiments at the front counter because sauces and shabu-shabu ingredients are a perfect match in heaven. They have spicy sauce (recommended!!), chili sauce, fried shallots, spring onion, coriander, sesame, ketchup, mayo and soy sauce to name a few.

Both chicken and pork slices go very well with the soup, it is a mouthful of savoury after dipping into the spicy sauce.

Another thing I love about shabu-shabu buffet is the free flow drinks and ice cream (more about ice cream later). This restaurant offers winter melon, orange juice and mango juice. The drinks I presume are cordial mixed but I settle with orange throughout the whole dinner as citrus tastes refreshing after bites and chunks of meat.


Various condiments. Spicy sauce on the left is awesome!!

As for the vegetables not many varieties are available so we have plenty servings of kangkung 😀 The kangkung is fresh and I love it!


Fresh kangkung vege (top) and fried dumplings (bottom)

The waiter/waitress will come around once a while to serve fried food. You can eat it as it is or like my hubby dip them into the boiling soup.

We put prawns into our pots as they sweeten the soup, however it is not super fresh and springy.

After few rounds of simmering and boiling of ingredients, my clear soup flavour has actually thicken and tastes fantastic. You can adjust the heat level of the induction pot and if the soup level goes too low, you can always signal the waiter/waitress to refill.

Dessert time with ice cream!

Dessert time with ice cream!

Our stomachs got filled up satisfactorily. After switching off the cooker we helped ourselves to the ice cream. There are plenty flavours to choose from and you can eat to your heart’s content. The ice cream texture is sticky and not too sweet.

Although the ingredient choices on the belt are not too varied we still enjoy this meal. We actually spent 3 hours dining in this restaurant. In fact this is our average time visiting a shabu-shabu buffet outlet because the experience of dining is an indulgence spoiled with choices, bottomless refills and joy of cooking your own pot. 😉

Updated on 4/9/2016: Now price per pax is RM30.80 nett and limited time per person is 120 minutes (shucks for this!)

My Rating : 4/5

Shūkaku Shabu Shabu House 丰收涮涮锅
No.9, Lorong Batu Nilam 21C, Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2 Klang, 41200 Selangor.
Contact Number : 012-609 3293
Operation Hours : Monday – Sunday, 12.00pm – 11.00pm

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