Melodious Friday — Cloudless

Hello! Welcome to the first post of my Melodious Friday feature.

Sitting here thinking of which music to share, it was then I decided that today I would like to dive in and share something deeply soulful.

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Food Review: Wan Tan Mee @ Indiana Cafe (Klang)


Outlook of Indiana Cafe

If you’re craving for a good old wan tan mee (雲吞面 aka dumpling noodles) in Klang, I would recommend a good place to go — Indiana Cafe.

Wan tan mee is a common street food which can be found practically in all food courts, however to find a tasty one requires an adventurous foodie soul.

It is a dish of egg noodles served with wan tan, slices of char siew (BBQ pork), leafy vegetables usually choy sum, garnished with spring onions and available in dry or in soup variation.

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Travel Trinkets : Cute Strawberry from Cameron Highlands


Cameron Highlands is a beautiful hill station in the state of Pahang, 6 years since my first visit there.

It is named after Sir William Cameron, a British surveyor who in 1885 was commissioned by the old colonial government to map out the Pahang-Perak borders.

The climate on the hill is cool thus became a flourishing home to our locally produced tea and other fresh produce like strawberries, vegetables and flowers.

Boh Tea Terrace – Picture from

I remember visiting the Boh Tea plantation. There was a cafe and I spent some time sitting at the terrace, sipping hot tea overlooking the green valley, just like this picture above. Now that’s a great relaxation, too bad I didn’t have a book with me!

I felt like I’ve missed out many locations during the last trip. If I were to visit again, I would make a better travel plan with better photo shooting skills to explore this beautiful land.

If you’re a fan of tea, I highly recommend the strawberry tea which is available at most of the tea shops on the hill. It tastes heavenly when you have it with milk. Remember to buy it while you’re there because it is only available there!

Just before leaving the highlands, I saw this cute plushy strawberry keychain in a souvenir shop. I loved it the moment I saw it and “plucked” it for keeps, as a memory of my holiday there.

This photo is posted in response to “Travel Trinket and Memories” hosted by Leanne every Thursday on her blog NihongoJapango.

Camera Lucida — The Beach Bench

In response to this week’s Camera Lucida — The Park Bench

This picture of 2 beach benches were taken in Redang Island, one of the beautiful islands on our east coast.

That was my first trip to Redang and I fell in love instantly.

How I yearn to return to the island’s embrace once more.

The surreality of crystal clear waters and blue skies.


It’s actually a marine ‘park’ bench 🙂

Camera Lucida is a weekly photo challenge hosted by Julia every Wednesday on her blog MyRedPage.

Catch Of The Day — BookFest Book Haul

I know I’ve promised this a week ago.
I was suppose to post the books I acquired during the BookFest but last week I was so tied up with Blogging 101 that I have to reschedule to today.

Here’s my Catch of the Day for Chinese books: ChineseBookHaul-201507

  1. 和小澤征爾先生談音樂 — 小澤征爾, 村上春樹 (賴明珠譯)
  2. 花之鎖 — 湊佳苗 (王淑儀譯)
  3. 暫停鍵 — 黎紫書
  4. 蛋糕的美味時光 — 黎國雄
  5. 舌尖上的中式點心 — 黎國雄
  6. 告訴你,餅乾的秘密 — 辜惠雪
  7. 這樣喝就對了…200道健康養生蔬果汁 — 邦聯文化

I was super excited delighted to have discover the #1 book where 2 masters in their own league talked about music. One being Seiji Ozawa, my favourite conductor and Haruki Murakami, a famous contemporary writer.

And Catch of the Day for English books: IMG_7684_blog

  1. The Enigma of Arrival — V. S. Naipaul
  2. The Color Purple — Alice Walker
  3. Last Orders — Graham Swift
  4. Chicken Soup for the Soul — Married Life!
  5. The Thyroid Diet — Mary J. Shomon
  6. Pregnancy & Birth — Dr. Mary Steen

Blogging 101 : Create a New Posting Feature

This summer course is counting down to its last days, save tomorrow and Sunday for the extra homework, here is today’s task: Develop a regular feature for your blog.

I love Fridays, who doesn’t? 😛

So I choose to do a feature on Fridays…

Something that is an important part of me.

Thus I would like to introduce you to… Melodious Friday!

What is that? You may ask.

To answer that, Melodious Friday is the day where I would like to spread the joy of music.

Music has been around since the existence of human. Aside from speaking language, we communicate and express ourselves via tunes and music.

Every Friday I shall pick a piece of song/music from different genres along with some brief stories to share with you. Hopefully after listening to it, you would fall in love, or get inspired by the melodious music.

I would also welcome you to share your favourite songs with me too, whether it’s your beach collection, favourite song in shower or a piece of music that moved you deeply.

Let’s us speak in the universal language of music! ❤


Note: Melodious Friday will start next Friday (31/7) 😀