Food Review: San Hui Wei Steamboat Restaurant (SS2 PJ)

Steamboat is my absolute all time favourite ❤ Me and my hubby got ourselves a voucher deal for San Hui Wei restaurant so we went there yesterday for dinner. This food place is located in SS2 Petaling Jaya and they specialize in China Chong Qing steamboat. So be prepared to expect the very hot & spicy soup base 麻辣湯底!

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Upon reaching there around 6pm there were only 2 other patrons besides us. The space is air-conditioned and looks clean.

The utensils are wrapped individually and my hubby told me it looked just like how it was in restaurants in China. This idea is hygienic however I don’t fancy them charging customer upfront RM1 just for this wrapping.

Individually wrapped utensils (RM1)

Each table has a menu and order chit to place your selection.

Under the voucher terms we could not order set menu for 2 – 3 pax which is RM48.80. Therefore we have to order ala carte.

These are what we have chosen.

Double soup base in a pot – hot & spicy and herbal (RM14)

Homemade parsley pork balls (RM8)

Fish ball with cheese fillings (RM5)

Fried bean curd sheet (RM5)


Pork slices (RM18)


Tong wo vegetable (RM7)


Udon noodles (RM3)


Thai noodles (RM3)

And chinese tea in a pot for RM1/pax.

For the hot & spicy soup they have few options: less hot, medium hot and super hot and whether to have less oil or more oil. We go for less hot and less oil as I can’t digest super hot food.

A variety of condiments are placed at the side of the cash counter so you could choose any you prefer. They have in-house green chili sauce, red chili sauce, chopped parsley, fried onion oil, yellow ginger sauce and etc.

The hot & spicy soup tastes of flower pepper mixed with spices and boiling hot with chili oil floating on top. If you simmer your vegetable inside you would have soaked up all the chili oil for a fiery kick. As for the herbal soup it doesn’t have any herbal taste as you would find in Malaysian style steamboat. It kind of tastes like the Maggi chicken stock base especially when I eat it with the Thai noodles 😦

I would recommend the in-house specialty homemade parsley pork balls, the parsley mixed well with the juicy meat and taste good with both soup. However the pork slices are bland and doesn’t have the porky sweetness. I would not recommend the fish ball with cheese fillings as the fillings are anything but cheesy.

The Thai noodles are alright with both soup but the udon is a little starchy especially in the herbal broth.

Overall the food quality is not up to my expectation. The service rendered is not too attentive either and the drawback is the expensive price of food (probably attributed to SS2 area) and some of the item prices printed on the receipt does not tally with the menu. I guess they did not update the menu accordingly.

My Rating : 2.5/5

San Hui Wei China Chong Qing Steamboat Restaurant 三回味重慶火鍋
30, Jalan SS2/66, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact Number : 03-7873 0559
Operation Hours : Tuesday – Sunday 10.30am to 10.30pm; Closed on Monday
Service Charge : 10%
GST : None

6 thoughts on “Food Review: San Hui Wei Steamboat Restaurant (SS2 PJ)

  1. Hi Yen,
    You’ve dropped by a few times lately. I wanted to say hi and nice to see you again. You and I really haven’t communicated since last summer. I see I am writing on a June post. Did you take a blogging break?

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    • Hi Janice, I’m truly glad that you remembered me and dropped by. I was kind of taking a break because of work and exams but I tried to keep doing what I love. I still love blogging and visit other blogs and will do so whenever I have time. It’s nice to connect with you again, let’s stay in touch 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi! Your blog is very cute! I think we have similar writing styles when it comes to food reviews. I like how you include so many pictures and write about your personal experience in the restaurant. If I had a suggestion, I would say that you should combine some of the pictures together so that I don’t have to scroll so much! It makes the article much longer than it has to be!

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