The Annual BookFest @ Malaysia 2015 Is Coming Soon!

Countdown BookFest Malaysia 2015

It’s time of the year again for the largest annual book expo Popular BookFest @ Malaysia and I’m so excited!

This year the organizer has extended the exhibition space to 160,000 sqft in conjunction with the expo’s 10th year anniversary (I will need foot massage after exploring).

Counting down 20 days to go, want to know details of the event? Read on ❤

Date : 11 – 19 July 2015 (9 days spanning 2 weekends)
Time : 10am – 10pm
Venue : Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)
Ticket Price : Admission is RM2.50 per ticket. Free admission is given to students 18 years old & below and senior citizens 60 years old & above. Season ticket price is not released yet as of posting date.
Exhibition Highlights : Great bargains and discounts for Chinese & English books, stationery, CD/DVDs, text/reference books.

Event Highlights :

  1. Meet Andrew Matthews. 12 July 2015 (Sun), 9am – 6pm, Hall 1-3
  2. Entrepreneurship Workshop by Michael O’Keefe & Marc A. Price. 12 July 2015 (Sun), 11am – 1pm, Hall 5
  3. English Writing Workshop. 13 July 2015 (Mon), 10.30am – 6.30pm, Hall 5
  4. Children Colouring Competition. 16 July 2015 (Thurs), 12.30pm – 7.30pm, Hall 6
  5. 十分男人百分人生座談會. 17 July 2015 (Fri), 2pm – 5pm, Hall 2
  6. Group Cosplay Competition 2015. 19 July 2015 (Sun), 1pm – 5pm, Hall 6

Expo Floor Plan :

From past experience the flow of visitors was smooth as visitors were directed in one direction and there were ushers helping around.

The event highlights are what I have compiled from the official announcement in Facebook but not limited to the above as there are plenty daily events in the lineup. For more event, book promotion and product details, you may check the event catalogues which are (yet to be) available at all Popular and Harris bookshops nationwide and at the BookFest entrance once you purchase the tickets.

The English writing workshop sounds interesting and I’m still contemplating whether to participate. Should I?

I haven’t decided yet which day to visit the expo but once I do, keep an eye out for my updated posts about the event 🙂

For more information, you may visit the BookFest Malaysia official website or the Facebook page.

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