Home Renovation: Korea Wallpaper Installation

For first timers in buying wallpaper or wanting to decorate your house with wallpaper instead of paint, perhaps you’ll be wondering how it all works? Our first wallpaper experience was during Korea Wallpaper 5th anniversary sales in June last year (2014). Their promotion was a bargain as the rolls were FREE and customer only have to pay for installation fees of RM150 / roll. Normal price of each roll costs around RM300 – RM900! We’ve decided to go for an accented side wall instead of decorating the whole room. Prior dropping by Korea Wallpaper gallery in Puchong we’ve already took measurement of the wall we wish to decorate and after going through lots of design choices, we ordered 2 rolls.

7 months later… … … … Time for installation! We made a call to their office to make an appointment (their schedule was kinda packed). On installation day morning 2 guys came over with the wallpaper rolls and started their work.

1) They asked which wall is to be decorated and started measuring it. After measurement the 2 rolls we bought were more than enough to cover the main wall with balance & they checked with us whether we want to use the balance for other walls. Seeing this we requested them to install the remaining to one side of a wall in a smaller room.

2) Started unrolling the wallpaper and cut them in strips of wall’s height.

3) Stacked the cut outs, flip them over & started applying glue.

4) During application of 1st patch to wall, a laser balancing tool is used to ensure the attachment is proportionate.

5) Subsequently they just patch every piece according to the seams. After around 1 and half hours both of them completed installation for 2 side of walls in 2 rooms each.

The guy told me that freshly installed wallpaper has glue creases which looks like below. However these will disappear after a week, for now I just need to keep the ceiling fan on to dry it.

And true to it the creases has gone completely after a week leaving smooth wallpaper behind and a satisfied customer 🙂

Scratch on my wall!

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