Home Renovation: Korea Wallpaper Installation

For first timers in buying wallpaper or wanting to decorate your house with wallpaper instead of paint, perhaps you’ll be wondering how it all works? Our first wallpaper experience was during Korea Wallpaper 5th anniversary sales in June last year (2014). Their promotion was a bargain as the rolls were FREE and customer only have to pay for installation fees of RM150 / roll. Normal price of each roll costs around RM300 – RM900! We’ve decided to go for an accented side wall instead of decorating the whole room. Prior dropping by Korea Wallpaper gallery in Puchong we’ve already took measurement of the wall we wish to decorate and after going through lots of design choices, we ordered 2 rolls.

7 months later… … … … Time for installation! We made a call to their office to make an appointment (their schedule was kinda packed). On installation day morning 2 guys came over with the wallpaper rolls and started their work.

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Signs of Lunar Spring Coming!


Love the sky view while travelling on highway

I can’t help but stare at the azure sky dabbed with cotton clouds.

This is the sign of Lunar Spring coming in a tropical country without 4 seasons.

After weeks of heavy rain and flooding hometowns in December 2014, a brand new year is onset with warm embrace.

You can feel the temperatures rising, the air is getting hotter and more humid.

And dry winds blowing with occasional sound of a black bird tweeting “sooohhh” tune.

I’ve been trying to find this bird since I was a kid but I guess the closest I can get is a black bird with red eye… really?

It’s still a mystery to me.


Modernization and nature, white and blue sky.

How is the weather like at your place now?

Book Review: The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson & Richard DiLallo

Where I Bought : MPH Warehouse Sale

Price: RM10

Rating : 3/5 stars

I started reading this book on 15th December, thinking now would be in season to read a Christmas themed book, and it took me just one day to complete reading it, Patterson’s book is such a page turner!

There are plenty of characters to be introduced in a 266 paged book which explains the least explored characteristics of each person. However the authors cleverly revealed their distinct characters in separate parallel timed stories and through their way of communication & relationship with each other and the main character.

Reading somewhere down the pages you’ll even wonder the characters described are either handsome, capable or truly beautiful, sounds fairytale isn’t it?

The book is also filled with fun festive air, some twists in between which resolved into an even merrier conclusion. Let your imagination run wild together with Gaby, her farm wedding and the family who is to be reunited with a splendid Christmas surprise that they will remember for their lives.

I would recommend this book for a light hearted Christmas festive reading.